You can enjoy fresh and delicious oysters from the market. At the oyster bar, only oysters that meet the criteria are served as raw food.
The safe "rock oysters" and "shin oysters" are different in size and taste, and the seasonal oyster taste is also different throughout the year. Please eat and feel it.


How is it with wine and high ball in the oyster bar of Kagurazaka?


Not only sour and high ball but also full of flavorful full-scale wine, easy to drink sparkling wine etc. Please enjoy the wine that is compatible with the creamy oyster. Please use the course where you can enjoy the oyster with all you can drink.

Authentic wine

There are 80 types of oyster bar wines always available, so you can try out all-you-can-eat all-you-can-eat wines from reasonable to reasonable.
We have a bar and juicy oysters that you can drink lightly. There are many table seats and counter seats, so please use for various scenes.