Recruitment type Full-time employee
Manager manager candidate · manager recruitment
Employment form ・
Regular employee monthly salary 300,000 yen-450,000 yen
Family allowance available
With bonus and bonus
With raise
Transportation expenses fully paid
Family allowance
Qualification requirements Educational background no problem, welcome job change from different industries! Emphasis on personality than career!
Working hours 10 o'clock to 24 o'clock (2 hour break)
Shift system (early day, late day also available)
Holiday, vacation Six holidays a month, New Year holidays, summer vacation
treatment Don't care ・ There is a meal
Uniform loan
Social insurance complete
Feature Inexperienced person welcome
Independent hopes


Nice to meet you! My name is Tanaka, who currently owns two stores.
I am looking for a manager of an oyster bar, an oyster and bar restaurant!

It is located on the main street of Kagurazaka.
Despite the strength of being a good location where people gather for eating and drinking purposes, such as Kagurazaka, how are you able to distinguish customers from other stores and attract customers while there are many rival stores?

I think that you can get a firm sales because the potential is a certain store, how you can attract and attract customers from Kagurazaka and outside while increasing the number of repeat customers! With regard to salary, we will decide before work, experience, family structure, and age as a reference, and will depend on the result afterward!
As for holidays, the basics will be on the 6th of the month, but if you have sales and the numbers are in order, you can have as many holidays as you want!
With regard to salary and leave, I think that we can respond flexibly and responsively. I think that is the strength of a personal management store!

In addition, I will start a company in the next year, so I'm going to be incorporated, but I hope that I can compensate for the weakness of my personal management and make it a company that will not lose good personal management!

The most important thing is the work environment. I understand well because I was hired for more than 10 years. Including salary and leave, isn't the place where you want to make the work environment the most important? A stress-free work environment, but with a sense of responsibility, produce results. And it returns to me.

I want to be a company that I want to work for a long time. We are looking for someone who can be my right arm for that! If you are interested, I would like to give you a talk. We'll be expecting you!